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Gold Cactus Charm

Description - Careful, prickly: The cactus Charm is the secret king of the desert. Decorated with cool traditional patterns, it goes perfectly with en-vogue festival outfits.
£69.00 £39.00

Elongated Gold Cross Charm

Description - Perfect minimalism: The cross design epitomises modern graphic art in its most beautiful form.
£79.00 £55.00

Gold Tooth Charm

Description The tooth Charm is the perfect addition to any vintage look.
£59.00 £45.00

Green Triangle Gold Charm

Description - Minimalist style: The graphic triangle Charm with vivid green stone stands for elegant-subtle street style.
£98.00 £79.00

Turquoise Hand of Fatima Charm

Description - Protection symbol: the Hand of Fatima as a Charm designed rich in detail with an engraved stone in turquoise.
£69.00 £55.00

Heart Mum Rose Gold Charm

Description - Homage to the most important person in your life – the heart-shaped Charm portrays the love between mother and child.
£98.00 £75.00

Heart with Red Stone Charm

Description - Vintage look meets South American temperament: The heart pendant sparkles thanks to small details such as delicate traditional decorations.
£49.00 £39.00

Red Heart Charm

Description - A clear statement of love and romance: The sparkling, faceted heart makes every individually designed jewellery look gleam.
£69.00 £59.00

Large Starfish Charm

Ocean Spirit: The sparkling starfish pendant evokes the fascinating underwater world of the ocean.
£98.00 £75.00

Lucky Coin Charm

From the cloverleaf to the horseshoe – this Charm combines the most beautiful lucky symbols in a stylised vintage design.
£49.00 £39.00

Maori Tiger's Tooth Charm

The powerful talisman in a vintage look carries its wearer off to the mysterious world of Latin America.
£59.00 £49.00

African Mask Charm

Charm pendant // 925 Sterling silver, cold enamel // silver-coloured
£49.00 £39.00