Angel Luxury Glass Jar

Rich, Round, Musky & Slightly Chocolatey! “When You Light A Candle The Angels Always Gather”
Manufacturer: Melt Candles
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Ingredients: Dewberry, Cassis, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber & a hint of Chocolate.

Customer review - 

"Absolutely love this heavenly candle, very appropriately named Angel. The fragrance is exquisite and fills my dining room with its lovely scent even when not lit. The delicate blue colour looks celestial when lit giving off a beautiful cool pale blue glow. The chocolate notes are lovely - an extremely high quality candle that I will definitely buy again. Would always purchase in preference to the well known candles in a jar whose price is quite similar. Melt candies are far superior in both quality and fragrance...."

Jacinta, 25/01/2017

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